Manicure Tool Kit B(Nail Glue+Nail Glue Debonder+Acrylic Sticks+Alcohol Prep Pads)

$29.99 AUD
$29.99 AUD
Manicure Tool Kit B(Nail Glue+Nail Glue Debonder+Acrylic Sticks+Alcohol Prep Pads)


Glamermaid Manicure Tool Kit B (Nail Glue+Nail Glue Debonder+Acrylic Sticks+Alcohol Prep Pads)


- 1 Nail Glue
  • This nail glue with brush applicator is super easy to use and bonds nails quickly & stay long-lasting, perfect for an instant manicure with press on nails, glue on/stick on nails.
  • This nail tips glue is made of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, with no harm to your nails. 
- 1 Nail Glue Debonder
  • Applying a moderate amount of glue depender on the curing glue, wait for several minutes, after the glue softening, then shaving with the right tools. You can repeat extra times if necessary until the glue is completely clear. It made of natural resin, slight odor, ensure no harm to natural nails.
- 3 Acrylic Sticks
  • Dual Ended Manicure Sticks, the pointed end could remove excess cuticle and roll up the adhesive tabs attached to the nail bed or fake nails. The beveled End is perfect for cleaning nails and pushing back cuticles.
- 5 Alcohol Prep Pads
  • 100% Biodegradable and Natural - Alcohol Prep Pads are thick to provide excellent cleansing action, with just the right amount of Ethanol alcohol on each pad, which makes them perfectly safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, and gentle for your skin.
  • Easily remove stubborn nail surface oil from all 10 nails with just one swipe.

【The nail manicure tool kit is great for professional nail artists or nail art learners, you can use them easily. Also suitable for nail salon and DIY nail art at home, it is a great gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters.】

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