An angular take on the square shape, with a straight-edged tip tapered in

Mimicking the shape of a coffin , this shape is tapered on the sides. Coffin nails are narrower than your typical square shape with a squared-off tip. This shape works well for people who have long nails and slim fingers. It’s not an ideal nail shape if you use your hands a lot since it requires some length To create this shape, square off the free edge.


Have a rectangular shape at the top, and this shape is achieved by filing the nail straight and leaving the original shape on the sides or reducing it a bit to give a triangle look but without one of its tips. This type of nails shape of a ballet shoe

Ballerina nails are suitable for those with longer fingernails and smaller nail beds. For those with a more daring style, ballerina nails will add a certain edge to your style. Pair this shape with a darker nail polish to create a flawless look that requires attention. To add a softer element to bold shapes, try lighter colors.


With straight and sharp edges, squared off at the tip

Square nails shape suitable for low maintenance. If you have long, narrow nail beds and like a short length, this is the shape for you. Long square nails are the perfect canvas for trending shades and nail art. Achieve this shape by filing in a straight line across the free edge.


A square shape nail with softer, rounder edges

Squoval nails suitable for universal shape. It looks good on everyone! This universally flattering nail shape looks good on short and long fingers. Part-oval and part-square, this is super easy to maintain on short nails. Start by filing straight across, then round of the corners in one long stroke, connecting the free edge together. 


Shaped long and spiky, with the point curving to the base like a triangle

Stiletto nails shape suitable for short fingers and long nails. This is a shape made for long nails that ends with a sharp statement point. This is like an almond shape, but more pointed. Find the center of the nail tip, then shape both sides by filing into a slight taper towards the nail tip. Next, begin shaping the tip by narrowing the free edge to create a peak.


It might look similar to the oval, but here the tip should be much slimmer than the base. Pointy but still softly rounded

They can slenderize thicker fingers and wider nail beds, and they keep your nails fairly strong, despite their filed sides. What's more, you can wear them shorter for a look that's a little more natural while still maintaining an edge.


A round shape nail, with corners that curve inward

Oval nails shape suitable for wide nail beds and long nails. The oval is a medium to long shape with straight-filed sides that end in a soft semicircle. It’s similar to an almond shape but a tad more blunt. File each side of the nail, and slightly curve your file toward the center of the nail to create an egg-like shape.


Straight sides that round up with a flat-edged tip

Round nail shape suitable for short fingers. This shape elongates your fingers, making them look slender and also makes wide nail beds appear thinner. Start by filing and following the natural shape of the fingertip. Flip your hands and check the symmetry of the curve.


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