Dual Ended Manicure Sticks (10pcs)

$3.99 AUD
$3.99 AUD
Dual Ended Manicure Sticks (10pcs)


Brand: Glamermaid

Quantity: 10pcs

Material: Acrylic

Item Dimensions: 9.4 cm / 3.71 in

Dual Ended Manicure Sticks with Multi-Functions: Our manicure sticks are beveled on one end and pointed on the other, help keep your manicure and pedicure looking fresh. The pointed end can be used to carefully scrape and clean around or under the nails. The beveled end can be used to gently push back and shape your cuticles.

Hygienic Nail Art Tool: Ladies are all crazy about funky and quirky nails. So if you are a huge fan of doing different nail art designs, then you need our nail stick. Ideal for makeup artists in need of nail stick to use on clients. Instead of splurging for expensive nail art tools, use our nail stick to paint thin line.

Multi-Functions: Manicure stick is the most necessary nail tool for all professional nail techs and personal nail care. The nail cleaner stick can be used for cleaning the nails on the side walls or under-nails, pushing back and removing cuticles without damaged and pain to your skin. It can also be used for dipping some glue, picking up and adjusting the nail jewelry, making small lines and designs on your nails, or flatting the nail decal.

Stylish Crystal Handle: Glitter, shining and colorful handle like as crystal. They match your fashion purse.

1. Manual measurement, please allow small errors in size.
2. The color may be slightly different due to different screen displays.
3. Please be careful when using items with pointed ends and keep them away from children.

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