Nail Glue And Nail Glue Debonder Kit

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$29.99 AUD
Nail Glue And Nail Glue Debonder Kit


Brand: Glamermaid 

Includes: 1 x Nail Glue & 1 x Nail Glue Debonder


      Nail Glue:-Built-in brush
                         -Fast drying
                         -Quick bonding
                         -Long lasting
                         -No need nail lamp

     Glue Debonder:- Glue softening for easy removal
                                 - Suitable for instant adhesive, nail glue

How to use:

      Nail Glue:1. File nail surface
                         2. Clean your nails
                         3. Find the correct size of nails
                         4. Apply thin layer of nail glue
                         5. Gently press down for up to 7s

      Glue Debonder:1. Apply nail glue debonder to all the edges of the nails
                                  2. Apply it between nails and nail tips
                                  3. Use nail sticker to lift a gap & keep it stay
                                  4. Drop a fewr into the gap and wait a minute
                                  5. Repeat dropping until nail tips can be easily removed
                                  6. Remove the false nails sightly

Material: -Non-toxic
                -Environmental protection
                -No harm to nature nails

Wam Tips:

      1. Please keep away from children.
      2. Due to the collision in transportation, these nail glue may easy to leak, if                          there is any problem with the product you received, please contact us in                          time. we will do use best to helps you.

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