The Essential Manicure Tools for Perfect Press-On Nails

Achieving flawless press-on nails requires more than just the nails themselves. In this article, we'll explore the essential manicure tools that complement Glamermaid's press-on nails and ensure a professional-looking result.

Nail File and Buffer: A nail file and buffer are essential tools for prepping your natural nails before applying press-ons. The nail file helps shape your nails, while the buffer smooths the surface and creates an optimal base for the adhesive.

Cuticle Trimmer: Pushing back your cuticles helps create a clean and even nail bed for the press-on nails. This step ensures that the nails adhere properly and stay in place. Glamermaid Cuticle Nipper is made up of 100% upgraded polished stainless steel which ensures durability and precision cutting. The sharp blade of cuticle remover cut the tiniest cuticles with a clean snip, safe and easy to use without pulling or tugging.

Adhesive Tabs or Glue: Depending on your preference, you can use adhesive tabs or nail glue to attach the press-on nails. Adhesive tabs are mess-free and ideal for temporary wear, while nail glue provides a more secure and long-lasting hold.

Dual Ended Manicure Sticks: Our manicure sticks are beveled on one end and pointed on the other, help keep your manicure and pedicure looking fresh. The pointed end can be used to carefully scrape and clean around or under the nails. The beveled end can be used to gently push back and shape your cuticles. Manicure stick is the most necessary nail tool for all professional nail techs and personal nail care. The nail cleaner stick can be used for cleaning the nails on the side walls or under-nails, pushing back and removing cuticles without damaged and pain to your skin. It can also be used for dipping some glue, picking up and adjusting the nail jewelry, making small lines and designs on your nails, or flatting the nail decal.

Nail Prep Oil Remover: GLAMERMAID Nail Prep Oil Remover is used before apply press on nails. It effectively removes oil from the nail surface, prevents air bubbles and helps create a stronger, better-adhering nail base for press on nails application.
Nail Glue Debonder: Nail glue debonder is essential for removing any residue or adhesive from previous manicures. It ensures a clean surface for your press-on nails to adhere to. Features:1. Glue softening for easy removal. 2. Suitable for instant adhesive, nail glue. Applying a moderate amount of glue depender on the curing glue, wait for several minutes, after the glue softening, then shaving with the right tools. You can repeat extra times if necessary until the glue is completely clear.
Alcohol Prep Pad Set : These are used with nail polish remover to clean the nail surface. They're also helpful for cleaning up any excess glue or polish.
Storage and Organizer: Keeping your press-on nails, tools, and accessories organized is essential. A storage solution prevents loss or damage and allows you to have everything at your fingertips.
Glamermaid's press-on nails are complemented by a range of essential manicure tools that enhance the application process and ensure a polished result. By using the right tools, you can achieve a professional-looking manicure that rivals a salon visit.
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