The Must-Have Nail Tools Every Nail Enthusiast Needs

As a nail enthusiast, you understand the importance of having the right tools to achieve flawless and stunning manicures. Whether you're a professional nail artist or simply love doing your nails at home, having the essential nail tools can make all the difference in your nail care routine. At Glamermaid, we believe in empowering nail lovers with high-quality and functional tools that elevate your nail game.

Manicure Tool Kit A

Acrylic Sticks+Adhesive Tabs+Alcohol Prep Pads

Dual Ended Manicure Sticks, the pointed end could remove excess cuticle and roll up the adhesive tabs attached to the nail bed or fake nails. The beveled End is perfect for cleaning nails and pushing back cuticles. The Adhesive tabs are 100% eco-friendly gel and high quality. This nail sticker is a convenient way to help you stick fake nails, which are easy to remove and can make fake nails reusable. 100% Biodegradable and Natural-Alcohol Prep Pads are thick to provide excellent cleansing action, with just the right amount of Ethanol alcohol on each pad. Easily remove stubborn nail surface oil from all 10 nails with just one swipe.

Nail Glue And Nail Glue Debonder Kit

Nail Glue And Nail Glue Debonder

Our Nail Glue is specially formulated to provide a secure and long-lasting hold for your press-on nails. With its fast-drying formula, you can confidently apply your press-on nails without worrying about them coming off prematurely. It is easy to control the amount of glue apply, ensuring a mess-free and precise application every time. We understand that removing press-on nails can sometimes be a tedious and time-consuming task. That's why we've created our Nail Glue Debonder. Our Nail Glue Debonder effectively breaks down the bond of the nail glue, allowing you to remove your press-on nails with ease. The gentle formula is designed to minimize damage to your natural nails while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free removal process.

Cuticle Trimmer

Cuticle Trimmer

Glamermaid Cuticle Nipper is made up of 100% upgraded polished stainless steel which ensures durability and precision cutting. The sharp blade of cuticle remover cut the tiniest cuticles with a clean snip, safe and easy to use without pulling or tugging. Our professional cuticle trimmer was ergonomically designed to fit in your palm Strongly and comfortably. This cuticle cutter is extremely durable and sharp. It removes the dead skin on the nails and beautifies the edges of the nail which makes it easier to apply nail polish. Just wipe the cuticle clipper with a dry cloth after every use, and keep it in the storage bag for life use.

Storage book with pockets

Storage book with pockets

Storage book and PVC zipper bag made by PVC plastic are stronger, sturdy and durable than normal plastic bags, hard to be ripped. This multi-purpose storage book makes your press on nails and jewelry easy to collect and choose, and you can quickly and clearly select the jewelry or press on nails you want like turning a book. Our storage book receiving capacity have 160 card slots and 30 PVC zip lock bags, enough for daily using. It is perfect to slip into your suitcase or overnight bag if you want to carry when you are travelling or staying away from home! The storage book bag can not only store your exquisite jewelry conveniently, but also prevent oxidation,anti-tarnish and dust-proof.

Our Glamermaid nail care tools and nail storage tools are a must have for every nail lover, whether you're a professional or a DIY lover. Elevate your nail care routine and nail art game with these high-quality and functional tools, and let your nails become your canvas for artistic expression.

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